Handling your digital communication with ease is veryimportant, so in case you create a personal or a business site and you would like to exchange e-mail messages with business partners or acquaintances, you should ensure that you've got easy and quick accessibility to all the features that an e-mail service has to feature. Just a few examples are: autoresponders, email forwarding and mailing lists, since these attributes are very handy for your e-mail communication. You'll be able to save considerable time and efforts, especially if you do not have much practical experience but you would nevertheless like to employ email addresses with your own personal domain name instead of a generic third-party e-mail service. Private e-mail addressess will look far more convenient and reliable whenever you communicate with prospective customers.
Advanced E-mail Manager in Shared Hosting
With the hi-tech Email Manager instrument that you will get as part of our custom-built Hepsia Control Panel if you order a shared hosting plan, you'll handily have all of the email functions that you will ever need in one place and only a couple of clicks away. As soon as you activate the tool, you're able to see all the mailboxes that you have for your domains and if any of them is a catch-all one or it has forwarding or anti-spam protection. These options are enabled and disabled as effortlessly as clicking a button. Advanced features, for instance adding SPF protection, are available from fast access buttons as well as right-click contextual menus. Also, you can access the webmail for any mailbox or download an auto-setup file for Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail using the very same section. Our Email Manager is intuitive enough to be used by people with minimum technical experience and it includes tons of exhaustive help articles. Last, but not least, it offers capabilities for more advanced users as well and it will save you time and efforts even for more complicated activities.